Catholic Courier

Posted: May 13, 2011

St. Benezet

Benezet (1163-1184) led a very quiet life as child, spending most of his time caring for the sheep on his mother’s farm. Being both thoughtful and imaginative, he used some of his idle time to find a way for people to be able to cross the nearby Rhone river. On a very important day in his life, during a rare eclipse of the sun, Benezet heard a voice from the darkness telling him to build a bridge over the river. Even though bridge building was usually commissioned by wealthy men in their wills, he set out to try. He appealed to the Bishop of Avignon, France, who at first doubted what such a young man could do. The Lord used Benezet to perform several miracles to convince the bishop, who released the funds to build the bridge. When Benezet died only seven year later, the bridge was almost completed. We honor him on April 14.