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Woodshop a second home for teens

St. Michael's Woodshop, originally a ministry of the Sisters of Mercy, re-opened last year under the guidance of executive director James Smith, a board of directors and two sponsor parishes; Church of the Assumption in Fairport and St. Frances Xavier Cabrini Parish in Rochester. St. Michael's teaches teens life skills through woodworking. Students say the support they receive there from peers and mentors makes it a special place. (Courier video by Mike Crupi)
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Posted: April 29, 2013

Last Updated: July 23, 2014


John Culhane
This video is so well done. It captures the experience of Family Camp at Camp Koinonia. We first brought our family to Family Camp in 2002 and it was one of the best decisions of our lives. Our faith was strengthened and children grew up to be like those role models they saw at Camp. At Camp Koinonia we met some wonderful families and priests who have become lifelong friends.
August 16, 2014, 10:28 AM
Dan Kelly
I feel so grateful for and so blessed by Camp Koinonia. I attended a couple of different retreats here as a teen in the mid-80s. I met Fr. David Mura at that time. The Rochester Diocese provided Fr. Mura to run the diocesan retreat program, primarily at Notre Dame Retreat House, and Family Camp, at Camp Koinonia. He was succeeded in the role by Fr. Charlie Manning. It was my involvement in the diocesan retreats that got me to start teen staffing at Family Camp. Over the past 12 years, my wife and I have brought our four, then five children to Family Camp for a week every summer. It has been such a gift to us and it has significantly impacted each of our children. They all consider Camp Koinonia one of their favorite places in the world. Our older children also spend an additional week or more teen staffing at camp each summer. Their faith has grown through their time both with our family and through teen staffing. We, too, have made close friends through our shared experience of Family Camp. Just as John said before, going to Family Camp was one of the best decisions of our lives. If you are looking for a way to grow closer as a family, to grow your faith and the faith of your children, to have a fun week with your family (with all meals provided), and to be around adults, teens, and children who share your Catholic faith, come to Family Camp. We would love to share the journey with God, with you. We have a website and a group on Facebook if you want to find out more. Great job Catholic Courier and Mike Crupi with this video. Mike spent a lot of his day at Camp Koinonia during Week 4 (of 5) of this year's Family Camp program. He took great pictures and video and edited it together beautifully. He really captured a bit of what Camp Koinonia, and specifically, Family Camp, is all about. Thank you for putting this together and for sharing it on the Catholic Courier site.
August 26, 2014, 9:44 PM
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